Bridge Builder Bond Fund - BBTBX

Fund Objective

The Bridge Builder Bond Fund, available exclusively through Edward Jones Advisory Solutions®, aims to provide clients with total return through capital appreciation and income by employing a multi-manager sub-advised structure.

The Fund's assets are allocated across different fixed-income market sectors and maturities. Most of the Fund's investments are fixed-income securities issued or guaranteed by the U.S. government, or its agencies, U.S. corporate issuers, asset-backed securities, and mortgage-related and mortgage-backed securities.

Portfolio Construction

Our manager selection process is based on selecting multiple sub-advisers that have complementary investment styles to create diversification and deliver an appropriate risk-return profile. While each manager will bring certain expertise to the total portfolio based on their specific investment approach, there are common characteristics we looked for in each candidate.

  • A focus on the traditional sectors of the bond market, primarily:
    • Investment-grade corporate bonds
    • High quality structured securities – mortgage backed securities, commercial mortgage backed securities and asset backed securities
    • U.S. government securities – Treasury bonds and agency debentures
  • A demonstrated track record of success and a repeatable investment process.
  • A conservative, risk-focused investment approach that emphasizes consistency of returns with preservation and prudent growth of capital.
Daily Fund NAV as of April 20, 2015
  NAV $ Change
Bridge Builder Bond Fund $10.35 -$0.02


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